our vision

The initiative believes that the development of successful digital business models at the interface of content and technology is the key to the media sector of the future. nextMedia.Hamburg focusses on actively promoting and accompanying digital transformation processes. In doing so, the initiative improves framework conditions for local businesses and contributes to the sustainable creation of jobs.

Hamburg in a digital shift

nextMedia.Hamburg is Hamburg’s regional initiative for the digital and media industries. It is jointly funded by the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Hamburg@work association, the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, as well committed businesses and individuals.

nextMedia.Hamburg’s mission

In Hamburg, journalists, games developers, music artists and creative minds from the advertising industry are creating a versatile content culture. Content producers increasingly disseminate their content through digital formats – facilitated by innovative technologies, applications and forms of utilisation.

The nextMedia.Hamburg initiative sees itself as a driving force behind these innovations. As part of its role, the initiative is committed to expanding and supporting the regional network of the media and digital industries. This is especially true with regard to the development of new business models for securing and expanding Hamburg's position as a leading media location. To this end, nextMedia.Hamburg has defined three key areas of action aimed at promoting the strengths of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and enhancing regional value creation:

  • Service & support

    nextMedia.Hamburg targets all media professionals in Hamburg whose business models are changing or have changed due to the digital transformation – or whose business initially emerged from the digital transformation. Whether it is old economy or new economy – we build bridges between start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and decision-makers from the industry by providing cooperation projects, orientation seminars and contacts with potential business partners.

  • Publishing

    We accompany the process of digital transformation through various media channels: in addition to our website, which includes the nextMedia.Blog with guest contributions, interviews, features and event reports, we address trends and current issues from the digital media industry through our nextMedia.Kompass, various video formats as well as the digital magazine “Unified”. Our newsletters and our social media channels disseminate these activities and publications throughout the network.

  • Networking

    The City of Hamburg as well as dedicated businesses and institutions from the digital and media industries all work as one. This is not only true for joint projects, but also for face-to-face meetings. The initiative and the Hamburg@work association thus contribute to securing Hamburg’s economic future as a digital hub. After all, it is often people-to-people contacts that provide impetus for innovative business ideas.

Goals of nextMedia.Hamburg

nextMedia.Hamburg aims to improve framework conditions for the development of sustainable, innovative content business models in the digital economy. The initiative has set itself the goal of actively supporting companies in developing new business models, e.g. by improving networking opportunities for stakeholders and by providing fresh impetus for innovations and new projects.

nextMedia.Hamburg targets media professionals of all disciplines, ranging from start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises to major players and corporations. All of these stakeholders are involved in business models for digital content (publishers, music, advertising, design, photography, film, games, social media, PR, radio and television). nextMedia.Hamburg is actively involved at these interfaces of content & technology.

Team of nextMedia.Hamburg

Would you like to find out more about the people behind the initiative or are you looking for the right contact person?

Ministry of Culture and Media, Department of Media

  • Dr. Carsten Brosda

    nextMedia.Hamburg | Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg | Minister of Culture and Media

  • Jens Unrau

    nextMedia.Hamburg |Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg | Ministry of Culture and Media, Department of Media

  • Karsten Schwaiger

    nextMedia.Hamburg | Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg | Ministry of Culture and Media

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Hamburg@work (e.V.)


Unsere Botschafter
aus dem Netzwerk

In Hamburg engagieren sich zahlreiche Persönlichkeiten nicht nur für ihre Unternehmen, sondern auch in Projekten und Kooperationen für den Standort.  
Die Advisors sind anerkannte Experten auf ihren Fachgebieten, die sich für den Medien- und Digitalstandort engagieren – sei es durch die Organisation von Projekten und Veranstaltungen oder durch die inhaltliche Auseinandersetzung mit standortrelevanten Fragestellungen.
Sie identifizieren sich mit den Zielen und der Programmatik der Initiative. Mit ihrem Praxisbezug dienen sie als Ratgeber für gemeinsame Ziele und Maßnahmen. Sie sind Botschafter und Multiplikatoren und helfen mit ihrem Netzwerk und ihren Kontakten.

  • Meinolf Ellers
    Chief Digital Officer dpa und Mitinitiator des scoopcamp.
  • Kai von Luck
    Prof. an der HAW Hamburg und Leiter des Studiengangs „Next Media“.
  • Thomas Promny
    CEO Velvet Ventures GmbH, Organisator Online-Karrieretag und d3con.
  • Nils Seebach
    Geschäftsführer eTribes Framework GmbH und Blogger.
  • Alfonso von Wunscheim

    betahaus-Botschafter, Berater und Gründer-Coach.

  • Armin Rott
    Leiter des Fachbereichs Medienmanagement an der Hamburg Media School.
  • Carolin Neumann
    Journalistin, Innovationsschürferin, Co-Founder und Vorsitzende Digital Media Women.
  • Philipp Westermeyer
    Co-Gründer / Geschäftsführer metrigo GmbH & Ramp106 GmbH (Online Marketing Rockstars etc.)
  • Eva-Maria Bauch
    Geschäftsführerin von G+J Digital Products

Cooperation projects

nextMedia.Hamburg maintains close links with numerous regional stakeholders, disseminators and networks. In collaboration with these stakeholders, nextMedia.Hamburg implements various events and projects.